Hazhir Teimourian, MA (Phil.), FRAS, was born in Kurdish western Iran in 1940 and studied classical Persian and Arabic before coming to London to study science. Here he fell under the influence of the philosopher Bertrand Russell and drifted into broadcasting in the World Service of the BBC. In 1980, he was called to The Times as a commentator on Middle Eastern politics and history and remained with the newspaper for 16 years. At times of the most intense turmoil in the Middle East, it felt as if he lived at television studios as “presenter’s friend” and became a familiar face throughout the English-speaking world. For years, he needed to be protected by the police. To this day, he needs a radio studio at home to cope with the demand for interviews. Teimourian’s biography of Omar Khayyām, the eleventh century poet, thinker and astronomer, was praised by the press and has been translated into Spanish, Russian and Persian. A new impression is now available both in eBook and print formats. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in London and a member of the International Society for the Study of Time, Teimourian has a Master’s degree in philosophy obtained under Professor Sir Roger Scruton. With his wife Christabel King, he live in Sussex and has two grown-up children. For more information on him, please see: www.KhayyamByTeimourian.com      or     www.LimehouseGroup.net